Client Number 2

Thrilled that today we signed our second client, and one that I am incredibly excited and honored to be a part of.  Koru will represent the photographic collection of Our Place Global, the official documenters of the UNESCO World Heritage sites globally.  

In a world where these treasures can disappear in a heartbeat, or as the result of warped beliefs and doctrines, our mission will be to bring this wonderful collection of photographs to a wider audience and in turn, raise awareness for these global treasures.  

This opportunity came from an old friend and colleague from many years ago.  Geoff Steven and I used to work together in the early 90’s at TV3 Network New Zealand. Geoff oversaw all local productions and I oversaw the network schedule.  I quickly learned enormous respect for Geoff’s talent in finding ideas and bringing them to life in a commercial environment.  He is the person that came to me and begged me to sign on to a movie called Once Were Warriors.  The concept was amazing and a big risk but we did it and not only was it the highest grossing movie in New Zealand history at the time but was one of the highest rating programs I ever put to air.  

It is great to be back working together again.  More to come ...