When I look at a logo I often wonder what is behind it the thinking and process that led to the end result.  So here is some insight to the Koru logo.  

The inspiration for the Koru logo comes from a tree as it grows with new life into the Silver Fern.  I grew up in New Zealand and my husband has the Koru as a tattoo - both very significant elements of my life.  

The contemporary interpretation of this is contained within the center of the O, also being the center of the company.   In the photographs of the Koru on this site there appears to be a number of independent wheels moving and unfolding under a protective arm of strength.  We think this is also the essence of the company.  Each wheel to us represents an element of business and an element of what we have to offer, and the protective arm represents the overall strategy.

In the logo you see the circle and square surrounding the “O” in Koru but together there is a subtle nod to DiVinci and the The Vitruvian Man.  Da Vinci excelled at a diverse and eclectic range of skills and also epitomizes what Koru stands for.  

And a huge thank you to graphic designer Reuben Barrett for bringing our vision to life and adding some vital creativity to the project.  He can be contacted at barrett.reuben (AT) 

The logo for Koru is full of subtle meaning some of it was there from the beginning and some evolved as the logo was born and grew to what it is now.  The most surprising thing of all is the finished logo was nothing like we had imagined at the beginning, but now cannot imagine it being anything else.