What is Koru?

Koru is different things to different people.   In a career that has involved creating media plans, buying television advertising, brand licensing, writing contracts, negotiating deals, acquiring content, running a television network programming department, creating and driving marketing campaigns, philanthropy, project leading a new retail store with Disney, re-imagining a business, and now starting a new company, what ties all these elements together in a meaningful way to a client?

A common sense approach to connecting the dots to create intelligent solutions.

I often find society tries to fit everything into neat compartments.  A round peg fits only into a round hole.  I just don’t think it is that easy.  Life is not like that.  And neither is business or the solutions to the challenges and opportunities that business presents - it requires thinking that brings ideas from every corner and joins them together in a coherent strategy.

So can a round peg only fit into a round hole? not if it’s smaller than the square.  A concept reflected in the Koru logo - the idea, and nerve to be different.