Client Number 3

For the last 18 years I've had the amazing privilege of working for Anne Geddes.  Anne and her husband Kel, and indeed their family, have been an important part of my journey for the past 28 years and as I embark on this next chapter in Koru, I'm happy to report that will still be the case.  I, through Koru, will consult for Anne Geddes.

What I enjoyed immensely about my role with Geddes was the variety that each day could bring.  And of course the people I met and worked with, many of whom I now consider friends.  To be able to continue to work with such an amazing brand, as a consultant, is the best I could hope for.

I like traversing a day, going from marketing to licensing, from contracts to ideas, to solving problems, to philanthropy and to doing a dealing with the unknown.

And that variety is what drove the evolution of Koru in it’s short existence, and with the deals we have done so far.